Science fiction doesn’t predict the future. It offers a significant distortion of the present. — Samuel R. Delany, in John Akomfrah’s “The Last Angel of History”. (via lifefiction)

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Cy Twombly, Natural History, Part 1, Mushrooms, (1974)

This is one of two portfolios made in the mid 1970s, the other being Natural History Part II (Some Trees of Italy) 1976. In both of these series, Twombly uses a quasi-scientific presentation with his characteristic expressive, gestural graphic language.

Twombly, like Rauschenberg with his collage prints, was a master of this kind of aleatoric-seeming collage, loose and dispersed but nonetheless composed. The intelligible and authentic science being practiced here is the testing of graphic structure itself - testing whether, in the end, it isn’t a matter of sensitivity. Might not structure be so permissive and flexible a thing that even the chaotic, at infinite distance, has a shiver of logic? Like John Cage (who Twombly might have picked up the fascination with mushrooms from), Twombly seems to have realized how easy art can be once you stop struggling with it! 

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Everybody’s serious but me. — Allen Ginsberg
[High School kids] should stop reading Bukowski, and they should stop listening to people who tell them to read Bukowski. — Nick Cave (Rolling Stone, August 1994

In 1974, Harvey Pekar met Sun Ra on a bus to Cleveland. 


In 1974, Harvey Pekar met Sun Ra on a bus to Cleveland. 

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Vile Bodies, “Novelization”

demo 2010 

werd jazzkore puke frm. Boston

get it for free here—>

Gaawwddd this was so good. Was waiting for a follow up but it never came

ArtistVile Bodies
AlbumDEMO 2010


Portrait of Yukio Mishima, by David Bowie,1977

And Bowie in bed with a portrait of Mishima drawn by himself


One of Bowie’s own paintings is a vividly coloured portrait titled Head of Mishima which hung above David Bowie’s bed.

ARTORONTO.(David Bowie Is)

Japanese author, Yukio Mishima

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