ATTILA is Billy Joel’s little known 70’s hard rock band. They were just Billy on vocals and distorted Hammond organ and some dude on drums. I hate hate hate Billy Joel, but this is pretty radical sounding, and it could be of interest to any proto-metal/psych/prog heads or fans of  Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer or Iron Butterfly, but be warned that it’s still Billy Joel so it’s still corny as all hell. Attila comes off sounding a lot like Deep Purple to me and while the organ tone is pretty sick and some of the main riffs are pretty rad, his extended solos get tiresome and hammy as fuck…Cheesy protoprog classical sweeps, weird caliope carnvial sounds mixed with a little bit of Jimmy Smith vamping.

Billy himself has written this album off as “Psychedelic Bullshit” and has been named by critics as the “worst” and “stupidest” album in rock history. The album bombed so bad, that after the band broke up, Billy drank an entire bottle of shoe polish in a desperate suicide attempt. If he had gone through all the way with it, he could’ve gone down as an underground legend of psychedelic hard rock, instead of having to endure 30+ years of yawning M.O.R. bullshit like “Piano Man” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

Oh and dig on that cover. They really went all the way with this Attila the Hun shtick man. ROCK BARBARIANS.

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